4 self- care tips for writers

self-care tips for writers.

As writers we spend hours in front our computers reading, writing and rewriting. We imagine and sometimes over imagine in order to craft the perfect story or come up with the perfect motivational piece. In doing all this we get drained. With slouched shoulders and arched backs and don’t forget red swollen eyes we look and feel nothing less than a tired zombie.

This article focuses on kicking out the zombie and nurturing the writer instead. These are some useful tips which I have learnt (the hard way) to follow and have found useful. So let’s go-

  1. Have a schedule- I know it sounds boring and quite obvious but is the most important thing to do. Have a schedule for your blog post, novel and any other article that you are working up on. Having a schedule gives me an edge over my counterparts. I like to be in charge of the day and also be ahead than my competitors.
  2. Care for your health- This includes physical and mental. Here’s what I do-

20 minutes yoga session in the morning.

20 minutes meditation.

I sometimes drop a few drops of Lavender essential oil in my bath water and pamper myself. Sometimes I rub it on my wrists and get set to work. The aroma calms down my sprinting mind and I feel in control of my work and my mood.

3. Hang out with like minded people- Online support groups for authors and writers are a happy place to be. You’ll find like minded individuals who are either at the same level as you or are willing to guide you in your journey. These groups are becoming more and more common because of their utility and the positivity they spread among writers.

4. Do what you love doing- It can be as simple as dancing in the rain or hanging out with your best friend. It might be going on a date or sleeping till late in the afternoon. Sometimes, it’s important to do what feels good not right. So listen to your heart and do what you love doing.

I hope you liked the self-care tips I shared. You can read the full article here. Do clap for me if you like this.





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Ritiqa Pachauri

Ritiqa Pachauri

An author, writing coach, blogger and an editor.